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Project summary

The SCIEnce project is an integrated programme that aims to address the fragmentation of Europe’s symbolic computation software infrastructure. This is vital infrastructure for research in a wide range of scientific disciplines, and European groups have developed many leading systems which are widely used in research, but are not composable, duplicate development effort and are failing to track relevant developments in underpinning Computer Science. We will address these issues by jointly undertaking a program of networking, software development and research, complemented by a programme of trans-national access to the world-leading Centre of Expertise at RISC-Linz.

Project objectives

The goal of this project is to improve integration between key world-leading developers and application experts in Symbolic Computation software systems. Such systems form a vital infrastructural tool in areas of modern academic and commercial research, with important applications in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering and other technical disciplines. The project will improve technical cooperation between the developer and application groups; ensure the incorporation of important developments in Computer Science, including modern memory management technology; allow the construction of tools exploiting software components developed in multiple systems; and make such tools usable on the important new infrastructure of heterogeneous computational Grids. The specific objectives of the project are to:

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